$41 an hour $366 🤑🚀


Blockchain quick update on my DD it’s Wednesday mid week and it’s 9 AM and I’m just about ready to go out and kill it for the day yesterday was an OK day I wasn’t able to hit my $150 for that day.

As I said in my last post today though I feel like I might be a little bit different it looks like it’s super busy and I’m gonna be shooting for the $150 today as you can see, my Market seems to be getting hot.

$250 day 7 days a week? That be dope.

Earning about $41 an hour and I’m sitting about $366 again it is the beginning of Wednesday so I still have the whole entire day and I could possibly hit $150 today which will bring my earnings mid week would be around $500 bucks and again we have Friday,Saturday and Sunday, And with the ETH mining ⛏ I am hitting around another $14-$15 on top. Just wait till all the pieces of the Utopis rig comes.