Our new baby goatie! ♥ She's a sweetheart!

As promised, here are some photos of the newest member of the herd!


This little cutie was born only 4 days ago!

Our big girl, Faline, usually gives birth to 2-3 babies, one time even 4, but this time around, she just had one, beautiful baby girl. We don't mind one bit though, she is a pretty little thing!


As excited as we are about the new baby, we are just as excited for the MILK!

Anyone who knows us know we LOVE our fresh, delicious, goat milk! And you just can't get that milk unless they have a baby, so this means in a couple of weeks, we will have plenty of milk again!


Now, you may be wondering if we are planning on keeping her or not.

We are undecided as of now. I DO want to keep one doeling this year. I have another doe yet to kid, however, and I want to wait and see what she has, since I can only keep one more. For that reason, we haven't named her yet.


She is a cutie-patootie though, and I wouldn't be sorry at all if she was the keeper!

Births on the homestead are not rare, but no matter how many new babies we see come into this world, it just never gets old. ♥



Thanks for stopping by to see our new goatie!! If she were yours, what would you name her?

Have a lovely day, and for those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!! ♥


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