"Tunnels' Spirits" on Lemuria


If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful planet's desertic area at the sunset, you would probably enjoy the majestic spectacle of those brief flashlights that embraces the blue sky with soft white layered clouds, shaped like tentacles of neurons. There are very common in the desertic area, although they easily adopt the shape of any object or creature. They can be round, flat or elongated, quickly changing its geometrical shape according to the movement of the breeze. The entities called "Tunnels' Spirits" can move faster than lightnings, they are also known as the sun spirits because they are called to illuminate the twilight, passing behind the darkest regions. These spirits have a form of rocks, minerals, crystals or eddies suspended in the air, they reach high forms of "sky castles," transporting the spirits from one world into another.

Excerpt from the "Multiverse Wikicyclopedians of Dreams", A journey into Lemuria's natural phenomenials, chapter II, Tunnels Spirit, written by Diwoknius.This image is the artist's interpretation, based on all the available informations.

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