Is HIVE is moving towards all time low?

Hello lovely people of HIVE community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Friends, BTC is shining and at the same time HIVE is dipping.


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HIVE has recorded lowest worth of 8.7 cent 8.5 months ago. At that time BTC was trading at 6,500 USD. Now BTC is trading at all time high run and HIVE is again moving towards down trend. Today's lowest worth is 10.59 cent. It is mystery that why coin has low worth despite the growth of BTC and alt coins. Dip in price is difficult to digest for people who invested on this platform. People are pondering that it is good to invest on HIVE coin after recent drop. The only good from all the scenario is that HIVE has reached highest worth of 97 cent from its lowest worth of 8.7 cent in just 21 days. This reveals the potential of coin. It is time to show patience. Patience is virtue. Wish you all best of luck. Have a nice time.

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