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THE FEW is my digital events company.

THE FEW is a digital events platform specialising in competitive action sports and activities. I started it during lockdown due to not being able to gather for live events. My events are ran with a video entry format where competitors film themselves and then the edits are shown as part of a live show on YouTube.

So far with the support of some amazing sponsors I have ran 6 events featuring over 200 edits and 25,000 views on YouTube.

ANZRO 2020

The event that kicked off the whole thing was the 2020 ANZRO, open to Australian and New Zealand rollerbladers.

aro_flyer_202-layered_8bit_0018_AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND ROLLING OPEN.00_00_17_20.Still001.jpg


Event 2 was a mirror image of the first event but for roller skating. I lead to believe this was the first Australian roller skating competition.

RSANZO 2020 poster.PNG

Screen shots of the hosts (including myself) of the first 2 events. You can see THE FEW provides great value for its sponsors by having logos on screen during the broadcast.


AUS-NZ Slalom Open 2021

Next event was a rollerblading and roller skating slalom skating event. You can see I have started to get organised as THE FEW logo shows up for the first time.


Trash Your Town 2021

Trash your town was a rollerblading real street skating competition. This was ran in partnership with GONG ROLLAZ.


The roller street jam 2021

The roller street jam was another first of its kind roller skating event, this time offering skaters the chance compete in real street and roller skate dance. The open format allowed skaters to be as open and creative with their edits as they liked.


Vertical world open 2021

The question I ask myself is why not? I saw no reason not to so I ran a international open for rollerblading and roller skating for vert ramp / vert bowl skating. It's by far my favourite event to date.

Vertical WO 1.jpg

International freestyle slalom contest 2021

My second international open if the E-freestyle slalom open. The livestream for this event is coming soon on 21 August 2021.


AUS mix open 2021

Lastly my first non-skating event has been announced, a video edit based cocktail making contest.


I am now making plans for a scooter event and kite surf/ wingsurf event. I am also keen on getting art and music events happening.

What events do you think would work well for this format?

You can follow THE FEW here:

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