Nature On The Balkoney Tour! And At Home! Aquarium, Terrarium!

A place to calm down.

  • After work it is so relaxing to have a moment on the balkoney.
  • I drink a tea, or browse some Hive news.
  • And of course look at each plant about the current health and growth.

Welcome on the balkoney, today we have a look at a few projects and so going on.

Thuja Redwood Bonsai

  • A old tree thqt got a drastic cut last year.
  • Still recovering, a lot of growth is expected this season.

The wild flowers bloom!?!

  • Yeah, they see sun and off they go hahhaha
  • It snowed last night heavyly, but in the morning all the snow was gone again due to some rain.

This old plant πŸ‘‡ is just allways happy!

  • I replanted it last year so thqt was the care for the next years.
  • This plant is so thankfull and grows great in our local conditions.

Love Crystals!

  • I jave a few crystals around on the balkoney.
  • Makes for some great vibes.

  • Some I found in the mountains during a hike or ehile camping.
  • For example the few pieces here πŸ‘‡

Oil Lamps for ambient!

  • A old but gold source of light.
  • Having this one from my grandfather means a lot to me. Reminding me of the bright light he had in his eyes.

Pinus Silvestris With A Nistel!

  • Yeah I planted a seed from a Nistel on this little fellow!
  • First time I try this so it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Can you see the seed?

  • It is placed on the spot πŸ‘‡ where the branch divide.

The big Pinus Silvestris with mushrooms!

  • The mushroom is over but still there!

  • This pot is home for the Pinus Silvestris since two years!
  • I grew that πŸ‘‡ since it was a seedling, 6 years ago.
  • In spring its the best time to repot as the cycle of growth during a year is quiet complex with pinus trees.

Sokulents are the best!

  • The look is so wild and the flowers are beautifull.

  • Old one over here as well.
  • I took them in about 7 years ago during my civil service, and they where old back then.
  • Honestly impressed of how old they get.

Forsythia Bonsai

  • Yeah, old and gold hahaha
  • First thing this tree does in spring is yellow flowers.
  • Only flowers with the first growth in soring makes it look so nice.
  • Age is about 18 years old!

Thats a small portion of my balkoney!

  • Next time in soring (soon) we will see how everything poumps back to green!


For the first time! Let me show you my terrarium!

  • I keep a albino corn snake in there!

  • You can see her in the back πŸ‘‡ climbing.

  • Every now and then I rebuild the whole set up
  • Everytime she goes back in it is so cool zo see her explore!

Check the clips here πŸ‘‡

This rat was also dinner πŸ₯—

Its a frozen rat so we defrost it in front of her terrarium to get her going. πŸ‘‡

In auther news

I am seting up a 30 liter shrimps breeder aquarium!

  • For this I have a old tank and some new features!

  • Soil is already placed in there to start
  • It wilo be set up with the amano offsprings living in the 180liter now.

I wanted to add a video of the molukken shrimps as well but still somehow @dapplr won't let me.

Thank you fo having s look

  • See you soon πŸ€

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