Daily Inspired #00

Inspired Myself & Others

Starting this series of "Daily Inspired" whereby I will be sharing what I learned about for the day and put it in a written form. There are 3 reasons for me to do this:

  1. To be disciplined and be systematic on what I am learning, with this I can be more clear on what I had learned.
  2. To build a library of my learning in topics which will ultimately become a "reference book" for me that can even be published too!
  3. To hit 10k HIVE by end of 2020, not impossible but I will need to be consistent in what I am doing.

What Is My Work Flow?

1st Step - Pick up new knowledge from different sources, usually from podcasts, articles and news.

2nd Step - Capture the points that I personally think inspiring and put it in written point forms. Planning to use Notion as the tool to record all my learning.

3rd Step - Copy my personal notes and paste on HIVE Blog, most probably on @ecency which I think is the most accessible among all Dapps on HIVE blockchain.

The workflow is intended to be as easy as possible so that I will be less stress during some "downtime" that I may face in the near future. Between 2018 and 2019, I had done this exercise with daily updates on what I had learned which I find it very challenging at some point in time. In the end, I give up entirely on the updates as I had not achieved a good record. Therefore, a lesson learned for me to make things easy and clear on what I am going to start again which will eventually become a "system" for me to learn new things.

Frankly, I had already picked up the habit of learning new things daily for almost 4 years plus.


Lucky me that I have this app installed since its launch in May of 2016, ever since then I had been using the app to learn daily (as of now continuously learning for 348 days, kudos and I just realized that too). So other than this app, I have also a few Youtube channels that I followed to learn about different stuff. Let me share it with you then.

Who I Followed On Youtube To Learn? (EN)


Valuetainment AKA PBD

I still remember when I first followed Patrick when he was around 100k followers on Youtube years ago, he had been putting up great contents about entrepreneurship, financial management as well as how to become a better self. Since I started listening to his channel, I never stop to consume his contents as the contents are real deals and useful to me. Not only that, but the way he presented also is straight forward and practical which I would like to do it something like him so that it is for me to share my learning daily.


Ali Abdal

Followed Ali recently as I started to pick up different apps to manage my personal and work stuff like Basecamp, Notion, Trello, and Goodnotes. All of them are now becoming part of my management system that helps me with handling the inflow of information and make my life more systematic. Needless to say, there is still a lot for me to pick up and learn which I seek to perfect my personal management system. Clearly, without the discipline and system, I would be in a mess which is an outcome that I don't want to have.


Silicon Valley Girl

Another energetic and sincere entrepreneur that has become one of my motivational figure to follow. She shares different tips and experience throughout her entrepreneurial journey and I had been benefiting from her sharing as well. Not only she talks about business but also personal wealth and family which I think is really relevant to me. Looking forward to learn more from her.


Gary Vee

Needless to introduce Gary around that he is one of the top marketing guru around and one heck of a motivational figure. I am more of a motivational seeker than a marketing learner when I am referring to Gary Vee as he is putting out so much positive and hard cold truth to the audience. I am the kind of guy that would be motivated by listening to his rant. Thus, listening to him once in a while (I would say around 2 days once) would keep my perspective clear and keep going. Frankly speaking, the entrepreneurial road is a lonely and tough road to be on and with some guiding force ahead is definitely a great help.



When we talk about startup, Y-Combinator definitely comes into the scene as they are the most successful and established accelerator in the planet as of now. The sharing on the channel is pretty technical some time but it is a place that I can refer to whenever I faced problem in my startup.


The Wolf Of Wall Street

In any business, marketing and sales are both important tools to use for survival. To be a great salesman, Jordan is one of the guys that I get inspired in the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street played by Leonardo. Being able to sell means I am able to convince people about my idea, about how I can solve their problems and how to become a trusted friend too. It is a matter of training and building my confidence, vocabulary and also the flow of convincing. In his channel, I get to see how he did it and learn from his sharing in bits. Still, a lot to take in but I did enjoy his way of presentation which is very open and approachable.


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

A very fun channel to watch and learn about different topics with "in a nutshell" way. I love their way of storytelling and also the visualization is cute and interactive!

Who I Followed On Youtube To Learn? (CN)


罗辑思维官方频道 - Luogic Talkshow

This is the channel that I followed before the Dedao App was launched in 2016. The way he structures his contents is very systematic and convincing. A place for me to learn some knowledge and also picking up the skill of storytelling.



Personally, I love to read but there will be times that I have limited time to really read the book. By listening to his channel, I get to learn the contents from his perspective which also helps me to get the gist of the book in a shorter time. This is one of the ways that I could learn different stuff in a day since time is always the constant and if we can do more things at the same time, why not right?



Ah, if you are a fan of the lifestyle, arts and great architecture, this is a channel that you must watch!

Getting Started

So in a nutshell, I had listed apps and channels that I followed to gain new knowledge for myself daily. The next thing I will start doing the next day would be creating output for what I had learned for the day. Before the day end, I will be structuring and create a template for my output through Notion which will be quite interesting. Let's see what I can do in just a few hours and see you guys tomorrow!

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