Working on the @nerdboard series

Im working on the end of the first part of "making your pc great again".


At the same time im working on my own website, where i post the same articles but in spanish (i dont like to embedd both languages on the same post) The adress is a wordpress based site, wich im still trying to figure it out how to make it do what i want.

From that site i can help my custommers to understand my work and know what are they paying for.

Im trying to be active on hive but im having heavy loads of work in real life... But i want you to know that im here to stay. Also im bringing outsiders to become a part of hive.

We need to grow as a community and im like a prayer of hive on the real life!

Dont forget to follow me on @nerdboard and make your pc great again. Just follow some easy tutorials i make and stop crying when your pc crash, lags or its full of garbage.

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