The warrior girl with blue eyes


Some time after the end of the quiet village, I continued on my way to find that other world called the human world, the place I lived in. The village was gone now, gone forever, but I didn't feel dead within my heart, instead I looked forward to the next step in my journey.

I had read very few things in my short life, but I didn't want to be without knowledge. It was time to take in what I knew, make lists, tell stories, and make life lists.

The same day the village was gone I took leave to go to the ocean, the ocean that I knew would not bring me answers. Yet it was the ocean, the only place where nature could be real nature within nature itself.

So I headed out to the sea, away from the center of the former village. When I arrived though, something was different about it, I couldn't quite place it's essence. It was like other creatures that I had found in the village, yet different in some indescribable way.

So I approached it, but it seemed to swallow me, the water reached desperately for me, becoming actually dangerous to me actually dangerous to me. I ran to the shore, yet while running I ran into another creature, the same kind I had found in the village, yet this one had bright eyes, or actually I had to get close to see them, bright blue eyes.

I drew back, before approaching it slowly, approaching it slowly, trying to ask it. I slowly drew on it slowly, deciding first that I wanted to sing to it first, before asking it questions.

He first song that entered my mind first was the song of the village, of the quiet village of 12. It made sense to me, so I sang of the quiet village of 12, wondering if it would perk this creature's ears. I looked at the creature, but it didn't say anything, so I tried again.

The second song that occurred to me was the song of 12, the dozen who now had lost their lives, their lives now existence now only within the now only within the now.

I had now sung twice, now I felt that my song is incomplete, that if I have learned nothing else, I have learned that I have learned that words are actually extra, that they are merely objects to give meaning to the song. So instead, I tried humming without words.

It didn't drink in my song, yet I felt that it definitely drank my tone, with it's ear, vibrating to my gentle hum. It responded to my hum, now it gave attention to me, asking to me now.

I stood there, singing into the world, asking to me now.

I wore a shirt that I had made, remaining to modern times I think, I wore the shirt with the blue and red design, which didn't rock my own world, it didn't make my skin feel like fire and also I wasn't blue and red and black and purple and green and nor like a white and black and light and dark and light and dark and darkest shadow, which was how I saw myself.

I asked the sea to sing, but the sea didn't sing, it just gave me attention, to me now. I asked the creature, the same creature from the village, which also didn't sing to me.

So I sang a call for a song, a song to be sung, a song made to be heard by everyone quietly, which finally attracted the attention of the people in the village when I left.

I don't think that I can just wrap up this sad story in such a short amount of words, so I won't, I'll just add one more. The song that I sang was just a call for a song.

There. Now this story is over.

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