Metazoo Taking TCG World By Storm

If you are into Pokemon, Magic, Yugioh, or any other TCG you really need to take a look at Metazoo.


These cards are currently on fire. With a very limited print run of 1st edition cards these are posed to see very large price gains long term. But that isn't the only reason to take a look.


The art on Metazoo cards is amazing. They worked with fresh artists that gave the game a very unique and old school feel. Plus the game actually takes into account an element that no other game does, your surroundings. No longer can you just make 1 killer deck and run people over. You need to actually think about where you will be playing and what time of day you will be playing.

Can't wait to watch the growth of this game!

Check with your local comic and gaming stores to see if they will be carrying Nightfall! This new set releases Oct 22nd and will be Halloween based.

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