Favorite Web Browsers

Which Browsers Are Faster, Lighter, Safer, Stronger?

I've been using Firefox for years, despite how much memory it uses at times. What about you? Around 1998, I was using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). Grew up around Windows. Some years later, started using Apple's Safari.


Been using Fox since 2007, or something like that.

Firefox Quantum

Google Chrome

Chrome and/or Chromium was always annoying me with key ring, the password prompt, each time I open a window, tab, it seems, or too often. I was not able to change that. There are probably ways to fix it but I try to distance myself from Google, Facebook, Twitter, technocracy, etc. I spend most of the time with Firefox. But I may give up on Firefox.



Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Pale Moon

Faster Internet?

Which DNS servers are the fastest? Is it ?

What Else?

Which Internet browsers do you use and why?
Which Internet browsers do you try not to use and why?
How can we make web browsers faster?
How can we download files, via bit torrent?
How can we lighten the load of browsers, apps, etc?
Which browsers crash more?
Which browsers are maybe spying on us more?
Which browsers are better and why?
Which browsers are worse and why?


Let me know in the comments, your thoughts, and I'm still trying to decide which browsers and programs and operating systems (OS) and apps and computers and phones and everything to use and/or not use. I use Ubuntu as my OS. I use Inkscape for photo editing.

What about you?

Facebook Live

My update for the day in these videos on YouTube & Twitter. I play guitar, talk about life, basketball, the world. I talk and sing for over an hour in these 3 videos today.

Favorite Web Browsers

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