The Asparagus Experiment

I can not wait to get started with the pots that I filled with soils yesterday. I said on my post that we are reviving the old plants for old time sake and one of these plants is the asparagus.
This is the only existing asparagus plant that my mom planted way back when I was little. I remember people in the neighborhood asking for a few leaves on special occasions like valentine's day, graduation day and any occasion that would require a corsage. The leaves lasts longer and look great with orchids and other flowers. We want the memory of our mom to continue on and decided to revive her garden and all the plants we grew up with.

The asparagus had outgrown its pot already. I think this should be planted on the ground so it can grow and flourish. We do not have enough space and hence our only option is to use pots.

This is my first time to re-pot an asparagus and I do not know if I can make it live or grow. My go to hack will always be this PET bottle green house

I took a few stems with some rhizomes on them I guess that is what they are called and planted them on this new plastic pot. After watering it I immediately put this PET bottle which will act as the green house. This hack had worked in most of my attempts to grow some plants and I am hoping that it will do the trick here. I am crossing my fingers. I can not afford to lose on this one and last living asparagus plant of my mom.

The other half of the asparagus I planted on this bigger plastic pot but without the green house hack. I will see which one would work best. The asparagus is showing signs of survival as no immediate wilting is noticed. I hope this would survive. The dried leaves I put them to cover the soil around. This will protect the plant from the drops of water during watering. This is not a proven hack I just need something to cover the soil I was thinking tiny stones but I can not find any.

I still have two more pots to use so I just took two stems from an existing plant that look like a small pine tree. I think they look cool and I should grow a few more. They last longer and I see them being useful in the future.

That is it my friends I am done with my plan here. Maybe if I have enough resources and time I can grow more plants from my mom's garden.