Okra Blossoms After 9 Days

Hello Hivers,

It was nine days ago when I posted about the okra pods but they are not pods yet I made a mistake. I found that out today when I checked on my self watering pots that contain my okra plants. I was surprised and feeling happy when I saw this today.
It is a yellow flower but the photo does not show that as the petals are now kind of crumpled. I am not sure if they are wilting or maybe transforming into something. Nine days ago I thought that this is already the pod or fruit but I was wrong
Does it take nine days really for the bud to turn into a flower? I am now guessing maybe the self watering pots could be the reason for the slow progress. It is my first time to grow okra from a PET bottle. Could it be the too much sun exposure? I am wondering. See how the stems and branches are reddish in color? that is too much sun exposure. I am glad that they are able to survive though.

Until next post,

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