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Made a good environment and some moments of my garden update

All the people of the world can go to a higher level to fulfill their hobby. Similarly, when these things arise in the mind, it can be said that the garden has to be made. That is why the garden is made. I did and my garden has 70 acres of land which means it is not a garden it can be said to be a mixed cultivable place where there are plants like fish vegetables etc. flowers trees fruit trees in this case it can be said that agricultural produce is there in abundance so I will share that moment and those places with you.

I have come to do it and decided that I will discuss with you all the places that I am located whether it is for fish farming or for vegetable farming. So let's discuss and see all the plants in my garden ।Timing of sowing and transplanting for success in improved papaya cultivation: Ashwin and Paush months are the best time for sowing papaya seeds and 40 to 50 days after sowing i.e. Magh-Falguna months are suitable for transplanting.

Planting: The soil in the pit should be turned well before planting. 30 cm per hole. 3 saplings should be planted in triangle shape at a distance. Removal of exposed leaves of seed-grown seedlings prior to planting reduces seedling mortality and promotes rapid seedling establishment. In case of fodder grown in polybags, the polybag should be removed very carefully, so as not to break the soil ball. Fall afternoon is the best time to plant seedlings. Care should be taken during planting so that the root of the seedling does not go deeper than it was in the soil in the seed bed or polybag.

A very simple procedure in the production and planting of marigolds is first to select the plant and after choosing the place to plant the plant, bury it with a small or long piece of bamboo so that the growth will rise up nicely into the soil. In preparation, some amount of dung manure and some amount of organic manure and urea should be mixed like this. After preparing the soil at the selected place, seeds or if seedlings are selected, then they should be planted and in the next step, the vines should be twisted with some bamboo. During the growing season and later, it should be neatly made two to three cubits high or three-and-a-half or four cubits high with a bus pole to protect it from prey or goats and the reason for raising it. There are fruits that hang high and easier or less laborious methods of picking the fruit and the next step is to see if the fruit is attacked before the fruit is attacked by small ants. Methods must be adopted and insecticides applied if desired, otherwise the flowers will be destroyed and production may be reduced.

Everyone in the world is an environmentalist but some are a little more some a little less but in my opinion maybe I am a little more because I love to keep the trees and the environment fresh and beautiful and it has become my profession and addiction I try every day to inaugurate new trees. to plant it so that it can meet our needs in future days and it can be said that every gift of the Creator is also created for some purpose and benefit for us, whether it is any gas, maybe we do not understand the value of which or which one is used for what purpose. Whether it is still not specifically described or implied by any research anywhere that we know and understand hopefully we all nurture them with care whether it is in the house yard or roof or any open space we must use them to meet our needs. And just as I am cultivating for marketing, I also took the initiative to undertake a large project and there will be many types of plants while flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. Kind of vegetable garden and mixed farming i.e. fish farming.

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