The Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled on the Butterwort

Me jabbering about the plants I raise and sell - Bug Eaters.

These two plants are one and the same. The one on the left was taken when I first got it - that was almost a year ago to date.

It's a Butterwort, AKA pinguicual, and it is sporting its succulent leaves which have little hairs on them and they feel a little greasy to the touch.

This one (below) was taken about four months ago in the heat of summer and the leaves are full of a sticky dew like substance which causes bugs to stick to it like glue.
2020-12-09 13.12.18.jpg


This is the life of a carnivorous plant.

We are entering the cooler fall days now and I expect that my pinguicula plants will be making the change to thicker leaves that conserve energy for the non-bug season.

During the summer my pings have multiplied by sprouting little plants under them between the bigger leaves. Here is one of the mommy plants and a couple of the nicer looking baby plants. Just took the picture now.


This mom is enjoying a long legged spider that she caught outside the other day. Even with its long legs, this nasty thing could not get loose. When she is done eating that, I will have to re-pot this one and check for babies underneath.

All are being moved inside even though they would not have a problem with temperatures in the 40's over winter. I am just worried that the wind and storms would blow them away. They have almost no root system.

The best part is that all of them should be in bloom soon. I can't wait.


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