Gardening Season 2021 - Mini September update (September 7th)

Hello everyone and welcome to another mini garden update! These last few days have been really nice and sunny so it kind of feels like summer is not over yet, at least during the day - nights are a little bit colder now. Today I took some photos in the garden so let's have a look...

Today's snack - fresh grapes! Luckily grapes are doing really well this season and not only do they look good, they also taste delicious. I picked a few before continuing my way to garden and on my way back. We also have another kind of white grapes that will come later, probably early fall, so that's exciting.

Our small fig tree is giving quite a lot of fruits and there's one fig almost ready to be harvested. One and only apple we have on this tree is turning red and I guess it will also be ready soon. My nephew already has an eye on the apple! :)

My parents went to Bosnia recently and they got some small plums that are now planted right next to each other and the ones that adapt and do well will be re-planted to their designated place in the Spring, I think. We haven't done much when it comes to cleaning up the empty garden areas, but there's this small bit we finished. Still a lot of work to do...

As usual, here's a tomato and cabbage photo. Tomatoes are starting to look a little bit sad but the good thing is we still have a decent amount for daily lunch harvest.

Thank you for checking out this mini garden update! Have a great day everyone! :)


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