Gardening Season 2021 - First August update, close up garden photos (August 4)

Where did the time go? I cannot believe it's August already and gardening season is coming to an end soon! Today I tried to take some closer photos of our fruits and veggies just to change things up a little bit and it was also fun for me to take these pictures.

Starting off with some fruits, first we have quince tree that is still looking good but it was looking the same last year and eventually most of the quince fell off before getting fully ripe. I hope this year things will turn out better. Similar thing happened to the peaches, they didn't really make it mostly because of the insects and since we are not using any pesticides, dealing with so many insects attacking fruits is not easy.

Grapes are slowly changing their color which made me really excited until I noticed some of them started to dry up but I still have hopes that we will be able to get some nice, fresh, juicy grapes. I'll definitely keep you updated on this one!

Last year our small apple tree had only one apple, funny thing is this year is the same and the apple grew pretty much at the same place again. Pears are not looking amazing but I think there will be a few of them to eat.

Blackberries and raspberries are still the same, they keep coming and I harvest them every few days lately for freezer. I just have to be a little bit smarter when it comes to harvesting hours, because I have been doing it in the evening when mosquitos go crazy!

Close up look of our big rosemary bush, I might try drying up a few branches as I like to add dry herbs to my meals. On another photos we have corn, it's been so many years since we had corn in our garden and it's quite exciting to follow its growth.

Still enjoying some "regular" tomatoes and cherry tomatoes but there's a lot more to come. When a bunch of tomatoes gets ripe, we will do a bigger harvest and make tomato juice as we have been doing every year. I'll probably share more about it when it happens.

Every now and then we still find a cucumber in our garden even though the peak of cucumber season is over. Tomatoes together with peppers are taking over and it's our main salad choice lately.

That's all I have prepared for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it and I wish you all a great day/evening!


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