Gardening Season 2021 - End Of July Update (July 25)

Hello everyone! I took these photos on July 25 and I am finally sharing them in, what could be, the last garden update for this month.

We are harvesting a little bit of blackberries every day/every couple of days as they are getting ripe and other than eating them fresh, I love adding them to muesli for a super refreshing breakfast. I hope there will be enough of them to put in the freezer in smaller batches.

I am looking forward to grapes in hopes they will turn out good as they look so far. There's a bunch of them and they are also a great summer snack. I also want to do some research on using grapes for skin care, I have seen a lot of times this fruit is included in a lot of skin products because of its amazing benefits. I also spotted a few purple plums of our small, young trees - there will be enough for occasional eating until the trees get bigger so we can harvest enough for homemade jam and rakija. :)

Peppers are looking quite good so far, we have a few kinds planted in our garden. Few seasons ago we started planting semi-spicy peppers and every year they do so well, this year is not an exception. Bell peppers are my favorites and I have my fingers crossed for them to also have a successful season.

A whole lot of tomatoes, still our daily salad option same as cherry tomatoes that we also harvest daily and I kind of switched to them lately. Toast with some kind of spread, cherry tomatoes topped with some dry herbs is one of my favorite combinations.

The area that ended up empty after onions and snap peas was harvested and cleaned up, now it's filled with cabbage. On another photo we have peas that is not making any progress at all for weeks now and I think nothing will change here.

Corn survived the bad weather we had recently and it's still standing tall. We are also harvesting figs, they are a lot bigger than last year, very soft and sweet. I used to dislike them so much in the past but the more I eat them, the more I get to like them.

That's all for this update, thank you for stopping by! :)


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