Gardening Season 2021 - Cleaning up after harvest, garden is looking a lot more empty (August 20)

Hello everyone! I am back with another garden update. Today, as I was taking these photos, I realized how bare our garden looks now and it kind of feels like the gardening season will end sooner this year.

Note: I usually don't edit garden photos, but today I was in the mood to play with some filters on Snapseed app so I just thought I would mention that.

Every time I take a photo of the grapes, I realize how ripe they are getting! Today I picked one just to try it and it was so tasty and sweet. Cherry tomatoes are still coming which is great since I'm still not tired of them even tough I eat them daily. We shared a bunch with our neighbors the other day and I am planning to bring some to the city when I visit my friend.

With regular watering, cabbage is making a lot of progress. I tried to take a photo of the beetroot since it has been so long since the last time I shared it but for some reason it is so hard to take a proper pictures so there's just a bunch of colorful leaves you see.

Here we have some semi spicy and super spicy peppers. Super spicy ones we got from our neighbor and my mom says they burn like hell, lol. I have never tried them and I am not planning to as I cannot tolerate spicy foods. My friend absolutely loves it so I will bring some to her just to see her reaction - they are still tiny and there's even some flowers still so I guess their time is just coming!

What I do love is, as we call it here in Serbia, sweet pepper. We have planted an entire area with a few rows and even though you cannot really see it on the left photo, there's a bunch of peppers already growing and starting to get red. I tried to capture some on the right photo.

Some things in our garden are overgrowing for some time now and I guess soon we'll have to clean it up. Zucchini and cucumbers will probably be the first on the list as they are starting to look really messy.

Here is the aftermath of some cleaning up - on the left we have beans that didn't gave us any harvest and on the right are leftovers after potato harvest which was successful. We still need to deal with all this mess but at least it's all collected and ready.

When it comes to an overview of our garden, it definitely looks more empty and once we harvest tomatoes to make tomato juice, it will look completely bare. The thought of gardening season coming to an end always makes me a little bit sad. As I was leaving the garden and passing through the chicken area, I checked to see if there's any eggs and I found three!

That's it for this garden update, I hope you liked these slightly edited photos as it was a lot of fun for me to capture and edit them. Of course, writing about the garden is always a joy of mine. Thank you for reading and I wish you all a great weekend ahead!


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