The Vegetable Garden Keeps on Giving


I am very pleased with my haul of peppers this year. It seems that each week I pull at least four nice Green Bell Peppers from the garden. I typically fry the peppers with onions and use this for a base in a tomato sauce served on pasta.

A few weeks back I posted that I did not think I would get any zucchinis this year, but a difference a few weeks makes.


Like I mentioned before, it is either feast or famine for me with zucchinis.


It looks like this year will be FEAST.

Here in North Carolina, we have been getting a ton of rain, it seems like almost everyday the skies open up dropping an inch or two of rain. And with the rain comes the cucumbers.


And cucumbers makes @handofzara very happy! I love sliced cucumbers with a little salt and my own version of Ranch Dressing.

My large tomato vines have all but given up the ghost and I will probably be pulling them out next week.

And no more large tomatoes makes @handofzara very sad!

My only hope for tomatoes rest with some small patio tomato vines.


Just a few of these are left on the vine, so here's hoping these tomatoes ripen.


Well that about all that is going on this week in my garden.

How is your garden coming along?

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