Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Defeating C'drall (final boss)

I would say that most of the bosses and enemies in general pose very little threat of actually defeating you in Battle Chasers: Nightwar. On a total playthrough I think I died only 6 times or so and a couple of those were because I wandered into areas that I was not anywhere near the level that you should be to take on enemies that were in that area.

Most of the bosses in the game are actually pretty simplistic as well but of course this all changes if you are overpowered because you chose to level up a bunch before going after them - which is what I tended to do.

There are two exceptions to this "being much more powerful than your enemy" situation though, and one of them is the final boss battle with C'drall


Final boss fights are supposed to be difficult but this one only managed to kill me twice before I had her figured out and was able to defeat her quite easily. I think a big part of the reason why this is a fight that I would consider challenging but not too difficult is because she doesn't summon any underlings to help her - the fight would be a great deal more difficult if that was the case.

The first couple of times I got here she whooped my butt, but only because I didn't really read into what was going on very much.


This was the first time in the game that I really felt as though I needed at least 2 of the members of my group to be capable of group heals and also status effect cleanses because C-drall does a butt-ton of damage and also will continually hit you with bleeds so you need to be able to take care of that. One of the best things for this is to have Calibretto with you for his level 1 Burst attack called "Purify." Particularly if you specialized in healing (the green section) this will heal all members for over 2400 or so and clear all status effects. I can't be sure about this, but I think that clearing the bleeds encourages the AI to use "Sanguine Harvest" again, which is a comparatively weak attack that only turns into major damage because of the bleeds.

Speaking of status effects, this is the best way for you to win this fight. Because C'drall has several actions that are kind of full of cheese, the only thing that can reliably lay down any sort of real damage to her are status effects. She is able to mitigate damage for a long time because she

  • casts a barrier shift that will eliminate 50% of either magic or physical damage. If you are like basically everyone that has ever played this game, a vast majority of the damage you have been dealing for the entire game is physical, so this is huge decrease in DPS when she does this

  • casts Blood Fortress, which is the most full of crap spell any enemy in the game has. This will place a very large damage shield on her, which while it remains the entire party will take moderate damage (around 1200 per person) per round and this gets put back into her HP pool.


There are a variety of ways to achieve victory against C'drall but I think that almost everyone will agree that you need to have these things in some sort in order to make it happen.

  • You need to have one person dedicated to healing full-time- I found Alumon to be the best at this because of his healing spell named "Sanguine Embrace" that will put a damage shield on any ally that reaches full health. This prevents wasted heals.
  • Bring MP potions and resurrect potions with you as you WILL run out of MP and you will die several times because C'drall has an undispellable DOOM curse that definitely will kill you you are going to need to do some raising from the dead.
  • Bring 2 hybrid healers and one full-time DPS dealer. I recommend Red Monika because she has the ability to place many status effects on the enemy even with her basic attack. If you have burst to spare her "Love Bomb" burst will apply all of the status effects which will deal huge damage over time. Garrison deals better DPS generally, but most of this is physical so what are you going to do when C'drall puts up the physical damage shield?

There is no reason to try to stealth in this battle as most of C'Drall's attacks are AOE and she'll get you anyway

  • Bring a lot of patience with you because no matter how you slice and dice this fight it is going to take a lot of time (around 20-30 minutes) even if you are max level and wearing all legendary gear. C'drall is supposed to be difficult - she is the final boss in the game after all.

Just like boss fights in any game, this one is supposed to be challenging. But by the 3rd time I faced C'drall I felt as though it was no longer difficult but just a case of you being patient enough to time your attacks correctly and to always be healing. She only has a total of 7 attacks, so it isn't a huge mystery what she is going to do next and how you need to be prepared for it.

I thought this was a perfectly wonderful ending to a mostly wonderful game and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys turn-based, somewhat casual games.