Made A Series Of Strange Super Mario Bros 1 Levels

I used game genie to glitch the game out and find weird worlds with mixed results. Got a few stages labelled as World 1-1 but they are clones of different levels that give alternate layouts. Did extra codes for more and random enemies to make the gameplay more interesting.

This is kind of my favourite video of these. Mario cruises on a platform through the stage! I make him do a little dance!! hehe

I gave Mario some super speed on this next one!! Got to remember to do that code again it's just Mario is hard to control. It's another alternate World 1-1. At the end it freezes and there are baddies at the flagpole, kinda weird

I've noticed people posting tiktoks of Mario1 so it got me to do these again. If there are some funny moments I will make a tik Tok from them. I like the end of level on last video, will probably make one out of that.

This next alternate World 1-1 looks underwater but Mario moves normally. I like how there are a few Bowsers at the flagpole!!

This next one is strange it is Blue Square -1. It's underwater yet on land. Again Bowser is at the flagpole! The level is unbeatable

This last level is a strange one it is World L-1 It loops forever! The graphics get messed up with random objects popping up. I don't think it ever ends

That's all for now! I want to make some tiktoks with these. I will play with game genie some more to try to find some more Mario 1 level goodness. Though I figured out many levels just repeat. Will see what happens

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