Steem Gaming Community Announcement

Hello gamers! It's been a long time since I made an official post for the SGC. After a great year filled with competitions and tournaments came the day where I moved abroad and had to leave my PC behind me. What I thought would be a short few months, quickly turned into a year and that brings us to where we are now. In the beginning of my abscence a lot happened on Steem that would affect the gaming community. From streaming platforms moving to more centralized alternatives to a bear market that would extend to lengths unimagineable by the community.

I still remember sitting in my hotel room watching the AMA by a CEO of a certain streaming platform that would make me cringe harder than years of watching videos on r/cringe have been able to. It was simply an embarrassment to the crypto community that we had grown to love. As I sat there with my potato laptop trying to figure out my next move, time passed on and the computer that I was going to get after just a few months seemed further and further away.

Finally about a month ago I got my PC again and that brings us to now. Anyone who has been in the SteemGC Discord server knows that it's very quiet at this point. My plan is to change that as I still see the same potential in this community as I did when I first launched it years ago.
Some changes do have to be made though and I want to get started on those as soon as possible. We have however kept curating as much as possible during my time of "abscence" so as not to waste the Steem power that I have delegated to that project.

I realize that the gaming community on Steem is not what it used to be but I want to try and change that and make it into the same fun place where gamers could get to know other gamers that had similar interests and work together.
I still remember our second CS:GO tournament and see it as the best time we had with SGC. Players came together and we created something that people were actually excited for.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to "restart" the community but thinking about it hasn't really brought me anywhere so I decided to just start doing instead. First off I want to clean up the server and adjust it to todays needs. We have a few competitions and tournaments in mind aswell but those will come after a bit when we have a clearer picture of activity/users on the platform.
I think the gamers on Steem have always kept together and helped eachother out and I think we need to keep doing that to thrive. Luckily we still have Vimm where Steemians can keep streaming and it gladens me that we still have a platform to organize potential tournaments and other competitions.

I have also spoken to OCD who have recently started their own gaming group called TeamOCD about working together on some things. I am really excited to get started on all of this and I have high hopes for where it will take our great gaming community on this platform.
I realize times have been hard for many people on here lately but I think we need to remind ourselves that it is only we who can change that.

We went ahead and created the SteemGC (Steem Gaming - Community) so if you are reading this and haven't checked out the beta site with communities yet, go login and subscribe to ours. We will have a mod team checking through posts there and curating them accordingly. Steem Gaming Community will be about the majority of games that don't fit in any other communities, all kinds of content as long as it's about gaming, such as screenshots, highlight clips, reviews, discussions, trailers, etc.

With communities we expect the post count of authors to rise as once it's released posts posted into a certain community won't show up on your blog unless you re-steem them. This will give people a lot more freedom to post whatever they want without changing the theme of the history of their posts. We are looking forward to how communities will change the way we Steem!