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What is PlayToEarn? is the world's first Blockchain Games list for all Blockchain based Crypto and NFT(Non-Fungible-Token) Games.
On our website you will find playtoearn video games in which players can earn Cryptocurrencies and NFTs through their activities in the Game.
We also offer a list of NFT market data and a list of Cryptocurrency market data, both of which can be filtered by Gaming Token.

What are Non-Fungible-Tokens?
Non-Fungible-Tokens are Tokens which, in contrast to classic Cryptocurrencies, are unique.
Each Token has individual attributes. This makes it possible in the case of video games to tokenize items such as a sword in an MMO game.
The player can then own this Token in his Crypto Wallet and buy, sell and trade freely on marketplaces outside the Game.
This enables the creation of video game economies that give gamers the confidence that they own their game items 100%.

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