Splinterlands Potionomics: Potions are really powerful and right now is a great time to open packs.

If you are the kind of player who has been seeking to optimize your Splinterlands experience by completing your daily quests and climbing the bi-weekly ladder you are likely sitting on dozens of potions. It seems to me that potions are currently a place where the economics of Splinterlands is exploitable.


Let me explain, every time you open a pack of Splinterlands cards you are going to want to have both a active Alchemy Potions and a Legendary Potions. And not just one, you need five per pack. These items both increase the chances that you'll get higher quality more expensive cards and, thankfully, some clever folks have been able to crunch the numbers here over in the Packs area on PeakMonsters.


As this tool shows the effect that these potions have on pack openings is substantial coming out to almost $1 a potion! To look at this another way, Opening packs while not fully stocked on potions is a really really bad idea. This is unfortunately the kind of thing only a real beginner might get tripped up by (and likely never notice).

Also, this means those roughly 500 potions I'm holding are worth roughly $500, wow! I've earned these potions by completing my daily quests every morning for the past three months and by finishing the last 6-7 seasons somewhere in Diamond. This has been a lot of work no matter how much I enjoy the game, which I do! This means that if a newer player wanted to become a maverick and then build a collection by cracking those packs it would be very expensive to collect the potions to optimize all those packs.

Currently the only place to get potions is through the Splinterlands client (through quest rewards or store purchase) but it's not hard to imagine a future where potions are a tradable asset. In this future those of us stacking huge stockpiles of potions right now are going to have a huge new pile of valuable objects to start to try and figure out how to use / sell / stake.

Speaking of the in-game Potion Store lets go take a closer look there really quick.


Even after doing a little math and accounting for the current price of DEC you're going to notice that potions are currently super mispriced. Right now you are able to buy potions we demonstrated are worth $1 for <$0.50. This is massive. So massive it's kind of hard to believe that this is something that could continue indefinitely with the booming player count numbers. At very least this loophole seems to be a huge income opportunity Splinterlands is failing to capitalize on.

I do not think it is crazy to think we could see massive changes to how potions are given out and how they are priced in the store. Even if we never see those changes potions, as they currently stand, are massively undervalued and one of the best kept secrets in all of the https://peakmonsters.com/packs.

But wait, there's more: Quest Potions.


So if the other 2 potions are massive opportunities what about the often ignored Quest Option. Quest Potions just straight up grant you more reward chests at % per potion charge. That's not something I can quickly calculate the price of but I can tell you it's a heck of a lot more than the $3.50 it would pay buying this in DEC at current prices.

But what about buying them with credits for a straight $0.70?
Well at that price the rate of return is again a massive opportunity. If you get ANY card (or any 2 other potions) than the Quest Potion is going to immediately have paid for itself. It's really really hard to lose here. Again, this seems like a place where the economics have not been dialed in properly and the market will likely adjust in some way.

I hope this is helpful for you. While some will find this kind of article super dry there are others who will notice that the numbers here are insane. In any case, I hope you had a good time reading today!

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