Four more character cards

As promised, here are four more character cards, using the new way of generating art :). These character cards bring something extra...

Note, all stats and art are subject to changes as I see fit.


Channeling is a type of force that is driven by land. Channelers use their body to convert sunlight into a force projection. Strong spells can cause sunspots observable by all and affect local weather. Some Channeler can store some force inside their bodies, while others rely on direct light at all times.


Sorcery is an inspiration-driven type of force. Sorcerers possess a pair of mana fibres which act like muscles in the brain, and activate magical force that then flows through the channels of the body. Every person has differently aligned fibres and channels, and these fibres can be trained to become strong and coarse for raw power, or to be precise for subtle sorcery, but not both. Every sorcerer has their unique range of powers.


Growing is a cellular biological process that allows for steered and accelerated growth. It is nourishment driven. The generic grower character is very much health/healing oriented but has extremely low agility and will quickly perish in direct combat.


Scientists rely on logic and invention, and have much in common with inventors in other settings. They do not possess supernatural powers, but are extremely capable in diminishing those of others.

Closing thoughts

I have no clue what comes next after these initial cards. Only time will tell.... :).

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