So sick of getting censored on xbox live by kids who aren't even old enough to purchase the games im playing
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Wow after only about two weeks of pubg games play i have been suspended. No Mic, no messaging, no party's, no captures. I'm sure some of you have experienced this before.

This is not my first time being "suspended". A few months ago when I played GTA5 I was given my first suspension. awaking on a day off ready to spend some good relax time on the couch and game with some buddy's, to find out you cant speak to anyone. At this point I was choked, I always game with buddy's but we all know there's just no avoiding those pesky squeaky 10 year olds on line. Filing a review, including how yes, i did "shit talk" some kids on line. However from my understanding this was an adult game that contained adult language. Waited out suspension, haven't played GTA since...

Today I woke up and turned on the xbox and received a notification of suspension. Heated. I haven't sent any humorous trollish messages since the GTA on line suspension (its been a few months at least now). However when i do game as you have seen I am usually with at least 2 other buddies with a fill in where we occasionally joke humorously, squad kill, kill each other, etc. Upon this I went about contacting Microsoft who simply agreed with my "opinion" and told me that they are not related to the enforcement department, the enforcement department works offline, but I could reach them "directly" through a case review.

Below is a little clip of my argument, as you can see I am referred to the code of conduct for foul language multiple times regardless of the situation, I was abe to escalate to a manager however was derailed and basically brushed off by the end while trying to escalate to the president. They simply said they've offered a valid solution (the steps to safe play on the Microsoft website) and ignored any argument i brought up. I even read upon this after seeing the notification, https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/691088-xbox-one/72375167 check it out. I even referred to one of my comments last night of how it compared to the game content, "banging your mom" is not suitable conversation in the game you sell that promotes such violence and sex?

What do you think about all this censorship bullshit Steemians?

Bubble boy game play?

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