Promote Hive | 5,000 HBD Prize Pool!


Leo's Marketing Campaign to double the amount of content creators and content consumers has begun!

We support the idea of allocating rewards for Hivers who focus their efforts into bringing more people and traffic into our Ecosystem.

5,000 HBD Prize Pool

The Game is called Outreach.

The Goal for September is to bring in to Hive 450 new users, make them stick around, and become an active and long term member of our community. For that, we need to onboard thousands of users and work in Hive's retention ratio.

For that, we need to go out, market and promote Hive. Our Marketing campaign will showcase our interface, and will leverage our account creation protocol that allows new users to use their Twitter and Google account to get a Hive account.

We created a Hive community on Zealy to rally the existing Hive community members so that instead of doing all this marketing by ourselves, we do it together as a community to enhance our marketing and outreach efforts.

Zealy gamifies engagement and rewards the efforts of community members through missions or tasks. It's simple, easy and it works.

Do you want to help us promote Hive and compete for the 5,000 HBD Prize Pool?

Join Hive's Zealy Community

The mission is simple: Complete tasks that involve bringing in more users to Hive from web2, and rally more Hive community members to help us in this enormous quest to double the content creators and consumers user base.

The Prize Pool is made of 5,000 HBD and it will be spread among all the Hivers who help us bring in the masses to Hive!

This Campaign begins NOW, you can already go to the Zealy Community and start claiming Quests (missions).

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