A Game Inside A Game Inside A Game

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Hot Pocket Beyond.

How many times has this happened before? Think out loud with me and ponder the stars of the universe. Take your time to cross reference all the times something crazy like this has happened. Forget About The Grinch. I was just watching this Game Theory episode, Game Theory: Gamers Will NEVER Solve This Mystery! (Accounting Plus Zoo Level), which was sponsored by the Virtual Reality (VR) Oculus Rift headset which is pretty crazy for better and for worse. So, in this Accounting Plus game, which has a connection to that cartoon Rick & Morty show, you put on a headset in the game to go into a game inside a game. Then in that game, you end up putting on another headset in that game in a game to go into a game inside a game inside a game like we saw in that Inception film where they went into a dream inside a dream inside a dream.

Emulating Entertainment

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Simpson's Toothoverse

It also reminds me of that Halloween Simpson's episode, the Treehouse of Horror VII, in The Genesis Tub, Lisa was trying to dissolve a tooth with cola for her science experiment. Bart shocks Lisa to prove his experiment that nerds conduct electricity. That would explain the light bulbs above their heads with their brilliant ideas. Somehow, the tooth was also shocked because of that which created miniature creatures that worship God Lisa and detest Santa Bart, I mean Satan Bart. The small people shrink Lisa and Bart takes the tooth to the science fair and won first prize. The small aliens said they haven't invented an unshrinker yet.

What is Transhumanism?

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Microverse Battery World

I thought there was another episode of the Simpsons that had something more like Inception but it turns out I was actually thinking about Rick & Morty, in the episode called Microverse Battery where a Microverse Battery would contain a miniature universe with a planet inhabited by intelligent life. So, the battery steals the power from the small people. They work like slaves to generate power & consider Rick to be like a god or a nice friendly alien. A small scientist in that miniature universe creates his own microverse battery which did the same thing inside that universe (miniverse) which was inside their universe which was inside Rick's universe. And the people in the miniverse created one too which featured a pocket teenyverse universe as well.

Tracking Technology

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2010 - Dreams Inside Dreams Inside Dreams.

Star Wars

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2010 - Walter Bishop, not Walter White of Breaking Bad, is an amazing sober scientist version of Rick of Rick & Morty & a little less enthusiastic than the Doc in Back To The Future. Walter goes into a pocket universe to get something in the Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There episode 6 of season 5. By the way, the actor that played Star Trek Spock was in Fringe.

Pew Die Pie

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Normal Islam

Does Islam Promote Works Salvation?

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A Game Inside A Game Inside A Game

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