Thunkgaria - My Personal Experience

Hi everyone,

For those of you who are not following @simplegame, we have a new game around the Hive ecosystem.

The new game is called Thunkgaria, and is about the experience of a bunch of heroes in a world of might and magic. The game does not rely on the blockchain for it's mechanics, but using Hive for distributing rewards, and as a currency for an internal market that was announced for a next season (the rewards for the running Season 0 are 1000 HIVE).


The game is simple, but will catch your attention for many many hours!

You start with one hero. Low level, unskilled, and with limited equipment... You explore the dungeons and fight their monsters to earn experience (experience is needed to level up and enhance your powers) and loot their armors and weapons. Every time you clean up a dungeon, you earn one Relic, and once you have enough of them you can increase the capacity of your storages:


Fighting the monsters in the dungeon will make your hero stronger and better, and once you think you are brave enough to fight other players, you must visit the arena for a player-vs-player fight.

Every fights in the arena will increase your Fame (wining against a famous player will give you more fame, but also loosing will increase a little bit your fame). Once you have enough Fame you have to visit the tavern and recruit additional heroes (the second hero can be hired when your Fame reaches 10).

With more and better heroes you can explore more difficult dungeon, fight stronger monster, earning even more experience, and having a chance for a better loot.


Currently, I'm exploring the Swamp Crypt with my three heroes, fighting Ghosts, Ghouls, Rats, and Skeletons, hoping to put my hands on one of the rare Goldies:


The Goldies are rare, but their rewards are amazing!


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