how to play Fanny on mobile legend

image Fanny is a hero in Mobile Legends assassin type of the most agile among other heroes. With his Steel Cable, he can go in and out inside
team fight easily and finish off dying enemies. Not only that, he can also kill enemies who will flee quickly using Steel Cable and then use Tornado Strike and Cut Throat with
damage is very painful.
Although from the above description Fanny looks very strong, it is worth the level of difficulty is very high. It takes practice more often to master this slick hero. Therefore, DuniaGames will share tips on how to master Fanny quickly. Check out more below.

  1. Calculate Energy Used
  2. Predicted Distance When Using 2 Steel Cable or More
  3. Spam Steel Cable As Enemy Near The Wall
  4. Moves quickly from Forest to Lane
  5. Understand Map Structure
    that's Fanny tips from me hopefully useful
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