Game Of Thrones Spoilers S07E01

Here is my spoiler review on the first episode of the seventh season of that HBO hit TV show series Game Of Thrones. Here are some spoilers. You have been warned. The episode begins like an oddly edited thriller or horror film focused on that woman queen of King's Landing. There were flash backs of how she blew up the castle to kill the previous king & queen & others & her son jumped out the window. That was almost as bad as that person that died in Dexter in like the last season, you know, spoiler alert, the sister of Dexter. I was sad when the boy king committed suicide out a window.

After that, and after the cool intro to GOT, we see the old evil king man that killed off Mother Stark and Rob Stark back in the Red Wedding a long time ago. Wait, I thought Girl Stark killed that old man. He talked about the wine. He said wine cannot be drunk or wasted by slave girls. Then, surprise, it was Girl Stark, the girl with no name, the ninja, the thief in the night. Like in Scooby Doo, she revealed her true identity somehow. It is Batman. No, it is like Cat Woman, except the GOT version of what Fox's Gotham had. I was surprised. So, she put a dead man's face on her face. So, she was two-faced. She was able to poison many people in her own inverted red wine wedding where she killed all the people that killed her people back during the red wedding. Incredible revenge. Later, she sat with some men in the forest, ate meat, drank beer, & casually told them she was going to kill that evil queen with that big scary body guard. They laugh at Girl Stark. She then said, "My name is Baby Spice of the the Spice Girls." They went on to join and create the Spice Girls band with Scary Spice, Baby Spice, Girl Spice, Sports Spice, Prostitute Spice, Dragon Queen Spice, Snow Flake Spice, Really Spicy Spice, Really Scary Spice, Woman Spice, Cat Woman Spice, Coffee Spice, Mother Spice, Feminism Spice, Britney Spice, & Just Kidding Spice.

The fat guy was working at the hospital library. I almost threw up too. He had to do housekeeping and nurse duty. They poop in buckets or pans. He would take them and wash them. One guy in a prison cell at the library was the former aid of the Dragon Queen. He is turning into a rock person. He went to find a cure to his Rock Cancer. He almost scared the fat kid half to death. Later, Fat Man stole a key, went to the forbidden library section, stole a book, found a map about where the secret WALKER KILLER STONES WERE. Then, he went to like tell Jon Snow and Snow White .

Jon Snow told his people to fight and work together. Baby Girl Queen agreed and said that men and women and girls and boys should all train and prepare to fight all the bad people. They needed everybody. Snow said he will not punish the children of a bad guy that did some bad things. The son and wife pledge to serve them.

Scar Face looked at the fire and saw the future and knew White Walkers were coming. They buried people.

The Dragon Queen went to find Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars Force Awakens. But there was nobody in that castle. I was expecting a male or female or dragon or monster king or queen to greet her when she came to the great wall of China. What was that place? Was this the old castle of her father?

Some of this episode was scary kind of.

What do you think about Little Finger?

What do you think about the Dragon Queen?

Cersei, the Kings Landing Queen, met with a Fire Jack man. He wants to marry her. He said he was coming back with something, a gift. It will probably be the rock stuff that can kill the walkers. That is what the fat guy found out in the library. It will probably be race of who can mine the Bitcoin, I mean rock, first.

What will happen next?

Girl Stark is like the God Father of the GOT Mafia.

And the boy that cannot walk and the girl are like an item maybe.


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