Welcome to BLOCKTOWER : An Interactive Game of Digital Architecture [Play and Win SBD]

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Let’s Build!

Welcome to BLOCKTOWER - an interactive blog post where players can win SBD and your comments take us to new heights.

Each comment (max 1 per player) generates a new block that gets added to the tower. There are 23 unique block shapes for players to choose from - representing each of the 23 million blocks currently minted within the Steem blockchain. Once a new "height" is reached (i.e. 24 million) a new block geometry will be introduced to the game. As time goes on, the Tower will rise and its geometry will evolve!

Here is a "BLOCKTOWER" rendering example below:

Example - BLOCKTOWER.png

How to Play

All you need to do is leave a comment! Very literally any kind of comment will do. Each blog post will update (in real-time) to visualize and record the first 10 comments within the Tower. Here are some example comments:

“I play a Red A3 in column 8!”

Result: A red A3 block is activated and lands under column 8 and chronologically with respect to other comments.

“I like your post sir.”

Result: A default square grey-block is activated and lands chronologically (left to right) with respect to other comments.

“Hit me with a Yellow C1”

Result: A yellow C1 block is activated and lands chronologically with respect to other comments.

Select a Block to play! (ex. "Red A3")


Connect 4 of a Kind = Earn 1 SBD

Players can win SBD by completing unique color combinations (4 blue, red, yellow colors horizontally, vertically or diagonally). You can also win SBD by becoming the first block to reach a "milestone" (when a column breaks a vertical barrier).

Round 1 of BLOCKTOWER is complete!

BlockTower - Rendered-01.png

3 columns
2 columns
1 column