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Before I get started here, I just want to thank @merej99 for introducing me to Hive and I also want to apologize to @merej99 for taking a month to finally post to it. :)

So, my name is Daphne Lage and I am a cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book artist out of New York. I have been self-publishing independent fantasy comics since 1992 and like I always say, y'all can do the math yourself.

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From children’s illustrations to commissioned pieces for private collections all over the world, I specialize in pen and ink illustration with digital coloring, but I also like to work in traditional media as well like color pencils, markers, and watercolor.

But my main creative loves are the two fantasy comic series that have been keeping me busy for the better part of three decades and if you're familiar with the comic scene a bit, we may even crossed paths at one point.


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TALL TAILS is the comic that started it all. A furry fantasy adventure epic in the style of The Lord of the Rings. Currently running 29 issues over 4 story arcs TALL TAILS is the story of Ravenwood, Pandora, Klea, Silvermain, Gabriel, and Raulph, friends and warriors in search of the fabled Great Seal of Iberion, stolen from the possession of their benefactor. In their quest, they become unwittingly entangled in a bitter war between the Rats and the Trolls and soon must learn what their own characters are truly made of.

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We just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Volumes 1 & 2 collecting the series with Volume 3 scheduled to come out later this year.

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You can actually check out a video I made all about the series!


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The most recent love of my life, even though she has been floating around in my brain for as long as TALL TAILS, is EGORAVEN: Heir of the First Unicorn , my mature audiences medieval fantasy soap opera drama (that's a mouthful!)

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EGORAVEN: Heir of the First Unicorn introduces Egoraven, a half-unicorn, half-human princess who lives in Edinrahn, a magically powerful valley ruled jointly between Unicorns and Elves. Neither at ease with either her Unicorn or Elven caregivers, Egoraven's quiet yet unfulfilling life is suddenly shattered when her step-mare Lilith joins the Elf Prince Rillian in overthrowing his own ruling family with the help of the vicious Dragon Lords.

Wanting to bring back true magic to the Elves through Egoraven’s mixed blood, Rillian tries to take the half-unicorn princess for himself but instead, Egoraven flees from the valley with her uncle Amadaeo by her side. Now forced to face an unknown, outside world, Egoraven and Amadaeo wander the kingdoms of Men in search of any opportunity to return to Edinrahn and restore the Valley to its former glory.

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If I can be shameless for a second, I currently have a Kickstarter campaign running for issues 1-3!

Thank you all for the opportunity to be here and I look forward to entertaining you all with my work. For livestreams, comics creation tips, and live drawing, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. All of my social media and gallery links can be found on my website at www.egoworks.com and my Linktree.

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