Join Me LIVE Tonight - We're Throwing a Halloween Murder Mystery Party for Fullforce Radio and I Need YOU!


Hey friends! There are SO many posts I wanted my first one back after the hardfork and all of the crazy work going on in the background to be- but I just had to make this short and sweet one to get your attention.

Did you know...?

  • I do a livestream interactive show called Fullforce Radio? Every week people from all over the world come to hang out: we talk about all sorts of things (it's usually pretty funny and always fun) while listening to heavy metal and hard rock. LEARN ABOUT IT AT: the website
  • Tonight's episode is a dorky Halloween style party where listeners and I will be testing out a "virtual" murder mystery party... WIZARD THEMED EVEN. Yes, I bought a magic murder mystery party to share with you. I regret everything.
  • That I have a bunch of characters available to play and I need YOU to come play with me! SO COME JOIN IN LIVE TONIGHT OK

Don't worry if you're shy! This is a very quick game, projected to take about 30 minutes. It's played in rounds, and I will provide you with a character sheet and will narrate the game (while also playing). If you don't want to play, you should still come show up! The audience will also be trying to solve the mystery in chat, and we'll be playing some fun power metal all about wizards and dragons in between. I fully expect this to be a complete and utter HILARIOUS disaster and that we probably won't solve anything. But it will be fun, and that's what matters~

If you've never gotten a chance to watch or listen to Fullforce Radio before, come give it a try tonight!

People are always worried about "heavy metal" and are often too scared to come be a part of the live stream, but that's silly! I'd love for you to come have fun with us, as a spectator or a participant. There's lots of talk about all sorts of subjects, we have a lot of fun, there are great people from all over the world who listen each week, and yeah.. there's some music too.

OK I WANT TO BE A WIZARD (but probably mostly just drink with Crim and try to wreck her show...)

All you need is Discord and a mic (camera optional but totally encouraged) if you want to be a part of the party! If you only want to watch, there are a ton of different ways to catch the livestream. MSP Waves website, Vimm.TV, Theta.TV, Twitch, YouTube, and Discord- go to for all the different ways to watch and enjoy.

I'll have some HIVE and other prizes for people in the audience AND for our participants.

So, are you coming? Show off here on this post, on Discord, Openhive.Chat, or BeeChat if you're going to be there! I promise it will be magical~

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