FullALT - Small Announcement: Changes and How This Change Fits Into Our Plans.

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First off, we hope that everyone thought of a loved one on Valentines Day yesterday.

Enough fun and games, time to get back to business!

Small announcement from the team at FullALT:

As time goes along, changes are inevitable, we are now seeing our first change in the way our team is organized as a result of @enginewitty moving on to other things. As he clearly stated in the past, he was a friend who was helping out and we are all grateful for that. He tried his best, especially in the given circumstances and overall climate of things in 2020. No need to go into that side of things too much.
However, we at FullALT wish him nothing but the best of luck in anything and everything that he does, his good will won’t be forgotten.
For more information about what all @enginewitty is up to, please check out his wall after reading this post.

This now leaves us in a position where we will one day in the future need a dedicated person for the PR position.

As for the marketing side of things, this shall be defined once we see how all we and everyone else fits into the course of action and plans in the future Hive Marketing Team, which is in the makings.

Which we already clearly defined in our Road Map
& confirmed (incorporated) in our Proposal

All in all, we are in no rush and we do need to see where things lead to with the new Hive Marketing Team, prior to making any decisions. That is the summary of that.

The proposal will be updated to reflect the above defined change.

On behalf of the FullALT Team,

Wish everyone a great day, week, month, year.

Yours truly,


Hive is ALIVE!

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