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G'DAY Everybody.

I guess that is the best way for me @jackmiller to sa “HI” = me being me!

Would like to get this post here to a start with links to the two tools/apps that you may have already, or may not have heard of, and they are:


AltYes LOGO H150.png

Which is being expanded to include a phone app too, will be made available in the Google Store soon. Our Dev has stated that all bugs have been taken care of and the final stage of testing is almost complete now.

What is AltYes?

It is a User Interface (UI) which aims to further contribute to the decentralization of everything on Hive.

No, there is no “website” to post on. So people may ask themselves ‘How do I post what I want to the chain?’

Same as with any website. Simply write up your post and hit the post button.

However, with AltYes you can do this via your browser.

The AltYes browser extension makes it possible for you to post about anything on the web, it gives you the option to share the website that you are on.

i.e. You wish to write a review about a certain product or service on the internet, simply open up that website (page) and click on the option to share that website/page in your post and it will be added automatically. So as you write up your post you don’t have to click on any other website to get it posted, you do it all quickly and easily using the browser you are on.

If you are still not sure what I am on about, go check it out at:


Note: the video in the post will be updated soon, when the next update is ready to go.
& may I add the coming update will include all sorts of new goodies to make AltYes all the more user friendly!

As for the phone app, well, I will leave you in suspense as it will be a game changer to the way Hive is utilized and will definitely add a lot to the goal of decentralization.

The other thing that you may or may not have heard of is

Hive Tips!


There has been a lot of talk about tokenizing the web, yet one of the most common ways known to people, “Tipping” has been somewhat limited to those already on Hive or to individual websites.

HiveTips, same as with AltYes is a browser extension.

Currently it is for Twitter only, soon it will include Youtube and Emails.

It too works in the spirit of further decentralization, by helping turn your PC via the browser into the UI for Hive.

But this time, it is making it possible for you to partake in the tokenization of the world wide web.

HiveTips is definitely a game changer in that it helps spread the wealth to people who are on other platforms. Spreading the wealth with HIVE (need I say that!).

The more people owning HIVE the more it will be used.

The more diverse range of use cases, such as Tipping = rewarding people all over the internet (world) the higher the demand.
It is a Win/Win for everyone.

For more information, feel free to check out:


& take a gander at our Whitepaper for this project at:

Don’t stress, it isn’t an over bloated essay with nothing but self praise, it is only a few pages of direct to the point information about HiveTips. We try to think out of the box when it comes to creativity!

Now that I have given a nice little intro to what we have out there on the market to help make our Hive ecosystem everything we all want it to be one day, here comes the boring part of this post!

FULLALT The Company.

Or as we refer to it “An Idea In The Making”.

On the home page of our website, you will see who we are and there are links to all the “business” talk too.
So yes, this is about the “business talk”.

However, to not bore you with a post that is all about “us” and “how wonderful and perfect we are” it has been decided by our PR and Marketing Lead @enginewitty and myself to present FULLALT on Hive via a series of straight forwards informational posts that will help everyone get a better feel for what it is we do and how we do it.

So, I guess we have to start somewhere and imo the inner workings and organizational charts are probably the first thing that need to be presented so that we can move on to the more interesting aspects of FULLALT.

I guess you can all tell by now why I am not “The PR” person! BORING!

Below you will see the organizational structures of FULLALT:

Inner Company Communications and Coordination:


Each Departments Independence in its field of responsibilities:


Project Management:


Now, these graphics are by no means meant to be pretty, they are in fact just a graphical depiction of how FULLALT is organized so as to work in the scope of a business entity.

In every business there needs to be some sort of organizational structure and this is how we have done it.

Although, as time moves forwards and technology changes, there is room for adding to the inner structure of FULLALT, for the time being, while we are building our “Idea in the making” we have chosen to go with effective, proven to work models.

There is no need to “reinvent the wheel”!

Although, our projects that we are working on are definitely somewhat “out of the box”.

See, I won’t bore you to death with the business jargon, that is why these posts about FULLALT will be short and sweet, each one presenting one definitive aspect and ensuring that it is put on Hive (the chain).

For more information on all this, please feel free to roam around our website (link below).

To add a little spice to everything we will stick to the following:

Thinking Out of The Box!

Thanks for your time,
Yours sincerely

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FULLALT – An Idea In The Making!

Source: https://www.fullalt.com

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