A Leap of Faith


When @jackmiller asked me to be one of the founding members of the umbrella company for a few Hive dApps and toys, I was pretty shocked. I'd never actually done anything with @guiltyparties aside from some curation coordination. @inthenow and I, I've probably known him the longest as we both have similar tastes in music and are musicians. I didn't know he was a badass graphics specialist though. But Jack, asking little old me, to help with this that and the other, was surprising and humbling. I mean, was I that good? He seems like he is satisfied thus far with my progress and we all see where we have come and where we began.


I frig'n love this app. I'm actually posting to the Hive chain with it right now, to help promote our new proposal for #hivetips. Beautiful thing, isn't it? We managed to get the genius behind Hive.Vote - @mahdiyari - to code this cute little toy for us. He is marvelous and very workable. Kudos to him!


We're all pretty excited about this one. We just released the newest version that allows people to tip (HIVE) other people (even if they don't have a Hive account) on three of the most influential social media giants. #youtube, #twitter and #gmail. @lightproject is extremely pliable as our developer on this and we are very pleased with his work.

What's Next for @fullalt?

Later this week, we have another little goody in store for all you fabulous #hiveminds. Something everyone should find useful and we hope you enjoy using our toys! Been a long last year and half, lemme tell ya. But, there is no stopping it now! Oh, and vote on our proposal. He he he.

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