5-minute-Freewrite : Baby Talk

Hello Fellow Steemians! How's your day?
Here's my entry for @mariannewest 5-minuteFreewrite, prompt : "baby talk" . You can check her post here

Here it goes :


Ata..taaa.taa.. baaa baaa baaa. naa naa naaa.. abooboo boo.. ayayayayaaa.. those are just se of the worda i heard from my babies before and up until now.. you would actually love to hear them when it's still okay on their age , baby talks.. even that baby talking literally.. the sweet voice of baby talking, those innocent words they utter .. just to get our attention , care and love... This baby talk also somehow bothers me, not that over over worried but my 4 year old Alex still loves to baby talk , i mean most of the time she loves to talk like not english , not filipino.. but sounds like korean or chinese that we don't understand , LOL..i just hope that one of the days of this month or maybe evwn at least before this year ends.. i will be hearing more understandable and conversational words from my baby girl.. not just for me but more of for her so she can communicate well and the people around her would understand what she wanted to tell them...

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