Free Write - Trolley

A trolley can pull things like a truck.

Who is a trolley? Are you a trolley? Yes, you are a trolley. I'm a trolley. What is a trolley? A trolley is something or somebody who can pull their community up through the storms of the globalists that are messing us up.

Be That Engine

I love the little tug boat that was like the little engine train that could and they kept on trucking like the Brady Bunch in some kind of network that was more synchronized than the Avengers in the Infinity Wars. We are the light and the salt and we are able to make things happen when we face the united enemies that we have invading Europe and our educational systems all around the world. Troll away. Some trolleys might be trolls. Fake news will always call us trolls even if we are valuable trolleys.

Are you a Trolley?

Are you a Troll?

Be a light.

Be the Train Engine that can.

Be Salt

Yes, We Can, And Yes, We Do

2013-07 Q12 Girl 02.jpg

2013-07-XX: Q12 HCM, Vietnam: Tiffany Girl

2013-07 Q12 Group 01.jpg

2013-07-XX: Q12 HCM: Friends Group: Dinner

2013-07 Q12 Girl 01.jpg

2013-07-XX: Q12: Other Girl


2013-01-XX: Nguyen Thu Hien High School, Tan Binh HCM: My Students.
I was in Vietnam from 2012-2017. I'm from Oregon, born in 1985.

Free Write - Trolley

2018-05-04 Friday 06:50 PM LMS: Free Write - Trolley
Free Write Trolley
Published at 07:13 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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