Free Write - Parasol

Refuge Loves You.

Parasol Umbrellas Shelters.

Parasol knows you, yes, she knows you.

She calls out from the big strong tower of life.

Men love darkness rather than light as their deeds are evil.

But Parasol wants to save us from that.

Light reveals what is already there in the darkness, the mirror.

Should we buy robot body guards as drones come after us?

Should we plant our own gardens like I do?

George Washington grew Hemp?

What is your Parasol?

Do you listen to her call?

She is the pillar of our #InformationWar Reality, right?

Do you resist and run away from her?

Do you submit?

Do you follow?

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April Fools Day Photo: See the date in this photo: 2015-04-01: Oatmeal


2015-12-XX APX: My Students: Restaurant Q1 HCM

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Free Write - Parasol Umbrella

2018-05-09 Wednesday 09:30 AM LMS: Free Write - Parasol Umbrella
Published at 09:54 AM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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