Free Write - Important

What Is Important?

That is a a question I forget to ask sometimes.

It is not just about what is good or bad.

Rather it is about what is good and what is better?

Because life is all about what is most important?

Because an important thing is not really important if it is only normal important.

So, that can be the driving theme song to our lives.

How can we get to the root of those priorities of what is important?

Balance is important.

Is Love important?

What is Love and what is Love all about?

What is the secret of Love?

The secret behind Love is in the grace, in the joy, in the sharing. We live to love in order to love to live and love includes both grace and justice. Love is not Love without grace and justice, that balance, and that is what is important in life.

Love is Grace & Justice

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Free Write - Important

2018-05-08 Tuesday 09:48 AM LMS: Free Write - Important
Published at 10:03 AM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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