Free Write - Back Pain

Are you a Star Fish or a Fish Star?

Are you a Back Pain or a Pain Back?

Star Fish are fish that look like stars.

Fish Stars are stars that look like fish.

Back Pain is pain on your back.

Pain Back is when the pain comes back.

Where Am I Now?

Haha, feels like I'm back in Vietnam giving an English Lesson again.

Does my brother have back pain? Maybe. But he is also taller than me.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

No pain, no gain?

No Oatmeal, No Honey, No Funny, No Sunny, No Gunny?

Your back represents your foundation in your life.

Pain represents problems that rots at those pillars.

In order to be healthy, do you want to not be fat?

Being Fat is a Side-Effect of Bad Health

How much you weigh is quantity, not quality, for your physical body.

What can you do to improve your immune system?

Your gut is what determines your health, generally, mostly.

People have different kinds of bodies & that is beautiful.

Some people may have bigger bones.

We can all weigh differently and that might be fine.

For me, I tend to stay fit doing what I love, basketball & gardening.

When we stay fit, we may avoid excessive back pain.


2015-12-30: Coffee Group: Q1 HCM: Oatmeal

Free Write - Back Pain

2018-05-10 Thursday 02:00 PM LMS: Free Write - Back Pain
Published at 2:12 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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