Dry Titanic Lips

Wall-E Kissing Eve?

Girl, would you kiss me if I had the driest lips in the galaxy? Better yet, what would Pad Me say to Natalie Portman? Wait, I mean, to Darth Vader, Sir Anakin Skywalker? Little Orphan Annie, I mean Andy Griffin, I mean Ani, said he didn't like sand. He really wouldn't like dry lips. I kind of don't like sand either. It does get all over the place like dry lips and camels haha. I'm Joe Cool Camel. But better dry than too wet, right?

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What Is Love?

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But are they a deal breaker?

When you are in a relationship with someone, are you just there for the emotion, the roller coaster ride, or are you in a long-term commitment, AKA investment, into multi-generational families spanning both directions? Man, I can only write this much in 5 minutes in today's free write challenge? That's alright. Relationships are like this 5 min. challenge. It builds and grows over time. Somebody wrote to Steven Crowder of Louder With Crowder. The guy said he accidentally said to his girlfriends that her boobs were maybe too small. Yeah, big mistake. Oh, maybe not the biggest mistake. But here is a video on that here. This is my first post in my Love Series.

Free Write - Dry Lips

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Root Over Fruit

You can have a better love life, a better family life, and a better life in general, when you prioritize your relationships, your values. Dry lips are like dry concrete, perfect for building lasting foundations in life.

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