Day 172 - #FreeWrite - Prompt Texas

Five Minute Free Write Challenge - Topic: Texas:

The sun is bigger in Texas said Batman in the Newsies and I saw that around 1992 when I was seven in Oregon and I love Texas because it is bigger and Matt Oakes is from Texas and his family moved near me around 1998 for a few years and they were part of our Cornelius Community Baptist Church and they were cool people for a few years and they may have returned to Texas and they might have been the first family I knew from Texas.

I have written about the contrast between Texas and Chicago many times as Texas is a better place than Chicago because Texas has been more free in regards to the first two American amendments and that is key. So, I love that and I love making government smaller. I want to get people involved in government more. We all can get involved more and make government smaller at the same time. Government is like a dirty room. When we are not involved in our room, our room gets swampier, dirtier, bigger, like government. I like Texas because it is bigger in a good way because I want the people and not the government to get bigger. Texas is home of the cowboys and western films and maybe Clint Eastwood and John Wayne and other American icons. And when I think about the USA, I think of Texas. My brother lived in Texas and I may go there someday too. I want more freedoms and I do not like it when government steal children from the same biological parents of those same children. I do not like that the American government went bankrupt in 1933 or that it actually closed down in some ways about ten years before 1933 as well. Every person and everything in the USA is owned by something external. Go look it up if you wanna but there is no way you would ever go and look that up, right, haha, because that would be totally crazy because there cannot be any truth in whatever the Hell I am talking about right, which mas you can just go and totally ignore all of this right now, right? How long have I been writing? About seven minutes? 11:47-11:50 AM, Monday, the 9th of April 2018, by Joey. Better stop. Thank for reading. I talked about Texas and things related, directly and indirectly to and with Texas hehe.

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Free Write - Texas

2018-04-09 Monday 11:26 PM LMS: Day172 FreeWriteTexas
Published at 11:52 AM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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