England's Attack on Free Speech

Tommy Robinson was kidnapped by police. Courts ruled mentioning Tommy as illegal. You will be arrested for mentioning England's War on Free Press.

Here is the twist irony contradiction question as follows. Where is the outcry by the same Soros Press that cries that the sky is falling that there is attack on free speech whenever Trump or Elon Musk or others say something that differs media, you know?

What is worse, being criticized or being imprisoned? For example, CNN cries when they are criticized. But Tommy was imprisoned for 13 months for journalism. Last Friday, the 25th of May 2018, Tommy was outside of a courthouse live streaming with his friends. He chatted with some of the folks coming to the courthouse there, that day, in England. Tommy was not in their face. Tommy was quiet. Tommy was not disturbing the peace. He was just standing there. You can watch the live streams. Reminds me of times when Vietnamese police came at me, an American, when I was living in Vietnam for five years. Vietnamese told me that Vietnamese journalists are thrown in jail whenever government finds that the journalists were digging up government corruption, problems, scandals, hypocrisy, crime. England government did the same thing to reporter Tommy. But Tommy has not been the first imprisoned, politically. In many countries, reporters are imprisoned and murdered. Facebook helps Pakistan government imprison and murder Atheists as Atheism is a Blasphemy Crime under Sharia Law under the religion and political authoritarianism government of Muslim dominated countries in the Middle East and now even all over the European Union. It is worse than we know. They throw gays off buildings and much worse.

For years, Tommy has reported on the rapes, murders, theft, crimes, seen in England and all over Europe. Now, police don't have the time to stop those crimes, it seems, these past few years, these things that happens thousands of times each day and yet police were able to find time to catch Tommy within minutes. Look at the videos. See how the ten or yellow Vietnamese-like cops came and throw Tommy in a box car within minutes. After that, some minutes later, Tommy was in court, and minutes later, in prison. How were they able to do that so fast?

Why is there media blackouts on Tommy? Why are people arrested for talking about what the courts say you are not allowed to talk about? If there is a war on free press, does that include imprisonment? Should government be allowed to imprison free press? Is Tommy part o that free press? Lionel Nation said Tommy represents that person in front of the tank in China long ago. We all saw that video, that picture, in that town square, that place in China. Did the tank just run over that man? Remember that naked girl in Vietnam? It was a famous photo from like the 1970's. Tommy represent these things, regardless of whether you like Tommy or not. If you think Tommy deserves jail, please talk about it. Please show me your videos, photos, articles, memes, GIFs, arguments as @Stefan.Molyneux says, and talk about them. But courts says if you talk about Tommy, you will be arrested regardless of what country you are in, be it England, Australia, America, right? So, do we care about media blackouts? Bad people are doing bad things and we cannot talk about that? Children are trafficked and raped and murdered, and we are thrown in jail for mentioning those things? Are we not living in Mao's Communist China or Hitler's Nazi Germany or Stalin's USSR Russia or in Obama's USA? Is this not 1984? @Cernovich is talking about it. Alex Jones is talking about it. Rogue American Government is going after Roger Stone, Zack, Alex, and others. Clinton has body bags. Don't Google that. Corporate social networks are banning information that exposes government lies.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Android, and other Soros Social Syndromes are covering up the trafficking, the rapes, the murders, the crimes, done by corporate media, Hollywood, entertainment, Big Pharma, science, education, health, technology, social networks, and everything. Don't even Google Bilderberg. You do not want to know anything about Bilderberg, technocracy, monopolism, plutocracy, authoritarianism, or even the New World Order (NWO) or even Agenda 2030. You can go back to playing Warcraft. Today, the kill Tommy. Tomorrow, they kill you. But don't worry about it. Just let them kill you. Don't go rally for #FreeTommy as thousands of people did in England last Saturday the day after Tommy was imprisoned. Just let the globalists take over the world, right? Don't look t my links, below. Forget it about it. Stay in the Matrix. Don't Red Pill yourself or others. Stay in your bubble. Don't question 9/11 or Las Vegas 2017 or gay frogs. Go back to sleep. Be boring. Be politically correct. Stay out of my country, haha.

England's Attack on Free Speech

2018-05-28 Monday 07:18 PM LMS: England's Attack on Free Speech
Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 09:41 PM

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Free Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson.jpeg
Tommy Robinson was imprisoned 2018-05-25 in the UK for journalism.



Free Tommy Robinson!

Tommy Robinson.jpeg
Tommy Robinson was imprisoned 2018-05-25 in the UK for journalism.

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