Are Facebook Scared By ME? I've Been Blocked From Posting To FB Groups After Teaching People To Move To Steemit And Exposing NSA Spying.

Being censored and controlled on corporate social networks is nothing new to me. I have already proven that my comments are often invisible to everyone but me on Google and I know for sure that my posts on Facebook don't get seen by everyone they should do.. Today was a next level event though - Facebook, without explanation, just banned me from posting to ALL Facebook groups...

freedom silence

I am something of an unusual person on social media, in that I have a wide knowledge of technology, social networking, covert programs, mind control methodology, esoteric truth and a passion to liberate humanity instead of enslave humanity for my own power gain. As a result, I get to see first hand, many of the ways that we are being manipulated through secret service and government dominated corporate social networks.

It can be a challenge to address these issues since it is easy to be accused of being 'paranoid' and to get the full truth about decisions made on these sites is next to impossible since they are not usually at all transparent about their actions.

In this case though, I will ask you to look at the evidence and make up your own mind.

Here's the screenshots from today:

banned on facebook 1

banned on facebook 2

The previous action I took on Facebook was to share a Steemit post from a US Gov Whistleblower - similar to Edward Snowden to 3 groups that I post to most days. In fact, I share posts regularly to 10-20 facebook groups and never have any problems. That post is from my whistleblower series that contains over 30 other key whistleblowers that expose, largely, US government criminality in ways that is hard to deny.

I also, a few days previously, posted about why people should leave Facebook and use Steemit instead.

Aaand.. I'm blocked. ;)

It might turn out that they claim that they had received 'community complaints' or some other such thing, but that will not impress anyone. They no doubt receive complaints all day long from many people for many reasons - yet it is rare that people get blocked in this way. They also block people from posting to groups to prevent Spam - that's fine - but they did not mention Spam or anything like it in their message to me here. What use is it to block someone for spamming if you don't even tell them that that's why they were blocked? Very little!

So - let's use their unpleasant, controlling and non empathic attempts at limiting free speech against them by letting everyone know that this is what occurs when you try to tell others the truth about how they REALLY are and what the better alternatives are!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul


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