Along the edges

Hello Hive Community!


I have just been introduced to the Peakd & Hive Network through a new friend, @cre47iv3, one of the most interesting and inspiring person I met this year.

I always find interesting exploring new edges, stretching preconceptions, learning new POVs and expanding my understanding (my very own understanding).

Usually I do not buy into rapidly. But this seems to be a good place to share my particular perspectives, discuss openly, learn and hopefully, regain that old shared idealistic and shared visions, feel the power to shape the world.

Now I will briefly introduce myself, from a passionate professional perspective. I can't wait to start sharing and collaborating with you and successfully build the net that will offer us privacy, freedom, respect, dignity, possibilities.

I live in Buenos Aires, I studied engineering, I have the degree but I don't feel like an engineer.


My first job, by the year 2000, as a program developer consultant, i learned 16 different languages in 1 year. ALways learning on the job, at the client. Then as a marketing consultant, I learned from top CPG managers of different companies, leaderships and styles. But where I learned the most was at The Coca-Cola company, where I not only soften my technical skills, mixed them with intuition and emotions, sustained by numbers and proof o concepts. I value my subjectiveness, being kind of different, like a connected, social, nerd. Someone who loves what he does at the point of having my own identity, almost completely built on the job. I was my job. I used to define myself as what I do.

Few years later, after some achievements like drawing the successful Coke Zero strategy and plan for latin america, launching Coke Life across the globe, I dropped into depression.

I left my wife. I quit my job. I read The antichrist. I left the church. I had no meaning in my life. I was successfully wrong.

924852_1376507412610279_1580741849_n (1).jpg

It's said that the secret of change is to focus not on fighting the old but on building the new.

That's my passion, to be part of the change, to do something that defines myself, not because of the results, that most of the times are not in my hands, but because of the attitude, the passion and the enjoyment shared with my peers., my activities are around 3 main subjects, always looking to be a protagonist, but not forgetting to be a good observer. The objective is to feel like we are playing. And I love that feeling of advancing, letting stumbling blocks behind, together with a shared objective.

Building the New Cannabis Industry (at least a little part of it) wordwide.
Learning from nature, and using it to re connect ourselves the easiest way towards spirituality. I admire and love plants. I believe life is god. La siempreviva.
Being part of the new changes technology enables at the levels of marketing, branding and influence, for the better.

Well I have no enemies, I have no hate. I have no guilt feelings. But I have clear purposes and as a said, I don't buy into easily.

My first steps in Hive were both dazzling and frustrating. I have my thoughts around this, and my doubts around the underlying motivation of 30 guys that manage this network dressed like democratic heroes, and giving dimes as a rich to the poors around them. I will be more clear on this topic the next few days.
I think this is a unique moment and that big changes are coming.

My will is to use my experience, my values and my network to build on Hive the change I want to see in the world.

I believe that sharing and connecting in Hive is very tempting to develop a shared will to power.

For every Google and Facebook there is in the world, there will be 100 hives. ]()

Are you in?