I'm part of an art exhibition in Paris so whoever is there, please speak up!


Invitation I received on my email for VIPs

As said many times in my previous posts, I'm part of an exhibition in Paris, France where there are a lot of artists all over the world involved. The name of the show is Focus Art Fair Paris, which focuses on Identity.

The curator/organization/agency is Hong Lee, who reached me out through Instagram on January. They have organized around 40 international exhibitions, many of which were in Europe. They also have several clients in Asia, and have a partnership with Huawei Themes.


Focus Art Fair Paris - Share Identity poster. Courtesy of @curator_honglee.

The exhibition had opened last night and it will be up from June 25-28, 2021.
It is on Atelier Richelieu, 60 rue de richelieu 75002 Paris, France.

This is my very first international exhibit (physical paintings) and I can't come to Paris so anyone who is free on those dates and are in Paris, please please come visit!

I would be very happy to know if there are Hivers there and would take some photos for me!


Me and my works that are now in exhibition in Paris, France

This is such a special one for me and I'm very glad I was able to showcase my works there.

Online exhibition and catalog

There's also a virtual exhibit for those who can't come (cos you know, pandemic xD). You can visit the exhibit here: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/6949787/focus-paris-2021

Here are the screenshots too!




Lots of beautiful works here. Damn. Next time maybe I'll be able to come in my international fairs haha!

And you can also see the catalog here: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/6949787/catalog



If you wanna visit, please contact

+33 660 76 81 97

/ @focusartfair or @curator_honglee on Instagram.

Focus Art Fair Paris

June 25-28, 2021.
Atelier Richelieu
60 rue de richelieu 75002 Paris, France.

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