#49 Haas Travels ! Ko Pha Ngan Thailand, Food review: Valentino

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! I found you a food review again! On Sunday I went for a nice hike and ended up on the other side of Ko Pha Ngan, Because of this was I able to review a very nice restaurant again, one you really need to visit when you make it to the island.
By now I went to several Italian Restaurants: Rolling Pin, Nema, Loco's, and now Valentino.
Valentino made it into first place, before Nema, Loco's and Rolling Pin. The food is really good!

It was hard to see the restaurant so empty, mostly because it's on the side of the island with more high-end hotels, the side of the island is normally crowded with tourist (most people on the island now are digital nomads and stay somewhere long-term)

Please make sure to go to Valentino restaurant everyone, ready for the pictures?


Thailand 13.png

Thailand 14.png

Thailand 15.png

Thailand 16.png

Thailand 17.png

I hope you liked my post, back with more soon..

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